TK# Christmas Gift Ideas That Cost Less Than $5

For years, men in the military have been using the waterproof paper of Rite in the Rain’s line of notebooks to record vital data that can’t afford to be lost in a squall. The company’s big four-by-six spiral-bound notebooks are the perfect carry-along for life’s little emergencies, shopping lists, and can’t-forget details — no matter the weather.

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Coleman Enamel Mug

The classic campfire coffee-holder is perfected with the Coleman 12 oz. Enamel Mug. Made from a sturdy steel skeleton, the white-speckled blue cup channels the traditional heritage of outdoor cookware. Throw it in the dishwasher without a second thought.

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Time in the kitchen with the kids is more fun when cookies come out the shape of prehistoric reptiles. We wish we could say that the Suck UK 3D Dinosaur Cookie Cutters will cool their Jurrasic Park frenzy. That’s not going extinct any time soon, so you might as well buy in.

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Previous generations understood that a refresh of the details, from a sharp press on a shirt to the shine of one’s shoes, belies the character of the man. Wren’s, which traces its heritage back to the Nineteenth century, is cut from this cloth, and its Leather Cream Classic, available in a variety of colors, is an easy upgrade for those beat-to-hell boots — and even helps prolong their life.

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At a near constant rate, Apple is putting some killer books on their digital clearance rack for less than five bucks. Whether you’re looking for a pulpy thriller to kill time while waiting out ballet practice or feasting on some hardcore literature like Proust’s Swann’s Way, it’s there and always fresh, regardless of the pub date.

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We’re far from doomsday preppers, but regardless, some supplies are good to have on hand. The UCO Survival Matches come in a moisture-tight container, are both water- and windproof, and will relight even after being submerged. We like knowing that should we need them, there’s nothing stopping their performance.

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Dr. Bronners may be known for its liquid soap, but the bars carry the same scents at a quarter of the cost. Pick up the classic peppermint (it tingles) through certified fair-trade ingredients and organic hemp oil.

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From the bottomless backstock of comes the inevitable problem of glut. The company is constantly blowing out prints that aren’t selling. Swoop up a Monet to freshen that frame, or discover a new artist whose work is available at a fraction of its worth.

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The simplest way to breathe new life into old boots is with a new pair of laces. Timberland’s come in several lengths and have the durability for which its footwear is known.

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Patagonia Action Works helps you laser-focus that fiver toward causes in your area. Input your zip code and put those few bucks toward where they’re most desperately needed.

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Like those CD clubs of the Nineties, the real purpose of Dollar Shave Club’s Starter Kit is to get you to subscribe. Regardless, the package, which includes trial sizes of its body cleanser, shave cream, and wipes, along with four razor cartridges and a handle, is an incredible deal. Continue if you’d like to set it an forget it, but this intro package is a supercheap way to refresh that stale dopp kit.

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We get it: Fatherhood doesn’t always leave time to take care of yourself, or shower. It’s why we keep a few Epic Wipes stashed in the gym bag, car, and elsewhere, allowing us to use its giant disposable towel for a quick touch up on the way to where we’re headed. Short of a shower, it’s the best way to get clean on the go.

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Items like the watch cap are staples of the men’s wardrobe depended on for decades. If you don’t own a few already, get one like the Beechfield Beanie, which comes in a few attractive autumnal colors and yet won’t set you back much. There are few wrong ways to wear its acrylic knit.

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