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1. I mended a camp chair bag.
When we packed for camping last weekend, we discovered that one of our camp chair bags had a big hole in the side.

So, when we unpacked, I set it aside for mending (if I put it back in the shed, I knew I would NOT get around to mending it.)

It took just a minute to sew up the side, and I reinforced a few other fraying spots while I had the machine out.
2. I mended a kitchen towel.
This mending-a-kitchen-towel-thing has been in my five frugal things posts about 74 million times because the manufacturer’s stitching on my towels is forever coming apart.

(And also, I do have about a million kitchen towels because I feel they are quite indispensable.)

Anyway, sometimes I think manufacturers sew towels together with the same stuff doctors use for dissolving stitches.

While I had the sewing machine out, I stitched up the towel end that had come undone.
3. Sonia and I got pea coats for $5. serious Sonia
Zoe needed a few things for her fall wardrobe, so we headed to the mall.
not so serious Sonia
I saw a $5 clearance rack (which is usually populated by things like tank tops!), and noticed that even some coats were on the rack.

I have no idea why they were clearing out coats in October, but Sonia and I both got a coat for $5 apiece.
4. We are borrowing the Anne movies from my mom.
Sonia recommended that Mr. FG listen to the Anne of Green Gables books on his commute, and so he did.

He really liked the books, and he’d never seen the movies. So of course, Sonia and I thought that needed to be rectified.

Unfortunately, it’s pretty difficult to locate the 1985 Anne movies to stream anywhere, and the one spot we found charged $7.99 apiece.

But I remembered that my mom owns the set, so we are borrowing the DVDs from her.
5. I got 2000 bonus points with Fetch.
I got a promo email about Fetch, which is an app kind of like Ibotta, where you scan your receipts and earn points.

I downloaded the app and used a code to get 2000 bonus points.

Download the app here. *Use code QG8V2 to receive an extra 2,000 points
(note: at the time of writing, 1,000 points = $1, so that’s $2)

After scanning the two receipts I had on my desk, I had $3 total in rewards, which are redeemable for Amazon and a bunch of other merchants.

It looks like it’ll be mostly useful for name brand purchases, which I don’t do tons of due to my Aldi shopping.

But if you buy brand names, this could be worth looking into.
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