Take Your Guacamole To The Next Level With a Pestle and Mortar

Expert and amateur chefs may not have all the same kitchen items, but one thing we think is essential in any home is a pestle and mortar set. Easy to use and affordable, the pestle and mortar set makes quick work out of everything from pesto to homemade salad dressing.

A mortar is a small cup or bowl that holds anything from spices to oils and vegetables. Using a pestle, which is a small club, users mash or grind up the contents inside the mortar. Some sets are small, while others are large. Think the big mortars that are used to make guacamole next to your table at fancy Mexican restaurants. Pick up your own pestle and mortar and throw in some avocados, onions, cilantro, salt, and lime and you could be the next guacamole guru (check out our favorite guacamole recipes here). Taco Tuesdays just became the best night in your house.

Mortal and pestles have been used since around 35,000 BC and while there are newer and faster ways to grind and combine ingredients, we still love using the traditional kitchen gadget. No electrical outlet is needed. Clean up is limited. And the taste is much, much better. As explained by Saveur, electric devices have blades that cut things like garlic and leaves. A pestle and mortar crushes the food, which expels the essential-oils and flavors trapped inside the ingredients for your homemade mustard, chutney, curry sauce and more. Crushing small servings is also more manageable in a pestle and mortar, with electric choppers often struggling to grab tiny flecks of herbs and spices.

Pestle and mortar sets can also be used to make taking medication easier. Whether you have difficulty swallowing large pills or need to crush medication for your dog or cat to sprinkle in their food, there are many uses for this kitchen staple.

Now that you know why you need a pestle and mortar, it’s time to decide which one to add to your cupboard.

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