oh em gee i freaking love baylish

i don’t know how else to even describe these little nuggets of goodness. christmas season 2019 i spent the day with my great aunt mary jo making cookies (and puppy treats – of course). when i say all day, i truly mean ALL day. aunt mj is a baking extraordinaire. and by this she is a true perfectionist in the kitchen. now, i love cooking/baking/eating, but i have never worked with the time and precision that i witnessed this day.

as you can see from the pictures, this was the cookie factory of santas workshop. some years i make more cookies than others for the holidays. without fail, i will ALWAYS make baylish. now these cookies have had plenty of names: Kolachkes, polish cream cheese cookies, but to me – they have always been baylish. I used to make these with my great grandmother back in the day. i loved to make them, not only because they are so tasty, or because they are a physical representation of christmas folded into an edible treat, but because there is ICE CREAM in the dough. yes, ice cream. i remember my great grandma rosie telling me “ice cream has sugar, milk, and eggs already in it. the best thing is that we can fill them with whatever our hearts desire. full disclosure my heart always desires apricot, any day of the week.

gramma rosie baylish
prep: 20 min
cook: 10-12 min

4 cups flour (sifted)
1 pint softened vanilla ice cream
1 pound softened butter.

1. MIX all ingredients together until a soft dough forms.
2. Let dough REST while you prep the filling
3.ROLL out dough and CUT into 2″x2″ squares or circles
4.FILL the cookie with a teaspoon of your desired filling. (i like apricot canned filling)
5.PINCH the side of the cookie together to create a pocket (see pictures)
6.BAKE for 10-12 min until lightly brown at 350*F
7.COOL on a cooling rack for treat to set
8.DEVOUR cause you wont be able to stop