How to Use Crochet Pattern for Home Decor Ideas

Home decor ideas that are made with crochet are great ways to show off your creativity and build a unique style. Crocheted items are versatile enough to fit into any style of home and can add a splash of color or a practical piece to any room. They’re also easy to make and can easily be positioned in any room. Therefore, there is nothing wrong if you complement your home decor with crochet patterns. You can use several materials to make a beautiful crochet.

How to use crochet pattern for home decor ideas1

If you are interested in using crochet patterns for home decor, you have come to the right place! There are many ways in which you can incorporate a pattern into your decorating ideas. From making covers for your lamps, pots, to vase, you’ll find a wide variety of crafts to match your individual style. Moreover, you can make some wall art, rugs, baskets, pillows, stools, swings, tablecloths, and more. And more ideas to come. You’ll be surprised at the versatility of crochet patterns! So, if you want to add something unique to your home, don’t forget to consider using a crochet pattern. Here are some ideas for you.


Different Shape Crochet Lampshade Decoration from mydesiredhome


Colorful Crochet Frame Photos from mydesiredhome


Hanging Yelllow and Gray Crochet Lampshade from mydesiredhome


Round Shape Crochet Ottoman from mydesiredhome


Colorful and Pattern Crochet Relaxing Chair from mydesiredhome


Summer Crochet Stool from mydesiredhome


Cable Pattern Crochet Stool from mydesiredhome


Patterned Crochet and Wooden Bench from mydesiredhome


Gray Crochet Covered Vases from mydesiredhome


Pastel Color Crochet Lampshade from mydesiredhome


Round Shaped Crochet Rug from mydesiredhome


Knitted Crochet Candle Holders from mydesiredhome


Crochet Throw Pillow with Moon Star Shaped from mydesiredhome


Knitted Crochet Pillows from mydesiredhome


Festive Crochet Lampshade from mydesiredhome

52 cozy crocheted pieces for home décor

Crochet Stitch Pattern Wall Hanging from digsdigs

Boho way with these neutral crochet plant pockets

Boho Crochet Plant Pockets from digsdigs

Crochered beanbag chair

Crochered Beanbag Chair from digsdigs

Crocheted cushion

Crocheted Floor Cushion from digsdigs

Hanging white crochet swing

Hanging White Crochet Swing from digsdigs

Magazine rack of metal rings and crochet

Metal Rings and Crochet Magazine Rack from digsdigs

Pastel geometric rug is a lovely

Pastel Geometric Rug from digsdigs

Teddy bear planter cover

Teddy Bear Planter Cover from digsdigs


Rainbow Crochet Cover Bench with Tassels from whistleandivy

Crochet dream catcher

Colorful Crochet Dream Catcher from whistleandivy

Crochet hanging planter

Hanging Crochet Planter from whistleandivy


Crochet Jute Tablecloth from whistleandivy

Driftwood and crochet sailboats

Driftwood and Crochet Sailboats Home Decor from whistleandivy

Geometric pillow

Geometric Crochet Pillow from whistleandivy


Heart Shaped Crochet Pillow from whistleandivy

Hello sign banner

Hello Sign Banner from whistleandivy


Multicolor Crochet Lampshade from whistleandivy


Bohemian Crochet Stool Cover from whistleandivy

Summer lace bunting

Summer Lace Bunting from whistleandivy


Crochet Vases from whistleandivy


Arrangement Crochet Tulips from whistleandivy

Crochet cabled patterned throw blanket

Crochet Cabled Patterned Throw Blanket from homebnc

Crochet floor pouf design

Crochet Floor Pouf Design from homebnc

Crochet round rug pattern

Crochet Round Rug Pattern from homebnc

Crocheted kitchen towel

Crocheted Kitchen Towel from homebnc

Crocheted pattern moses basket

Crocheted Pattern Moses Basket from homebnc

Crocheted pattern pot cover

Crocheted Pattern Pot Cover from homebnc

Crocheted storage basket design

Crocheted Storage Basket Design from homebnc

Crocheted throw pillow design

Crocheted Throw Pillow Design from homebnc

Crocheted wall hanging art

Crocheted Wall Hanging Art from homebnc

Farmhouse crocheted throw pillow

Farmhouse Crocheted Throw Pillow from homebnc

Garland crochet pattern

Garland Crochet Pattern from homebnc

Pattern crochet lampshade with tassels accent

Pattern Crochet Lampshade with Tassels Accent from homebnc

Patterned crochet picture frame design

Patterned Crochet Picture Frame Design from homebnc

Rainy day crochet wall art

Rainy Day Crochet Wall Art from homebnc

Wall hanging crochet art

Wall Hanging Crochet Art from homebnc

Beaded curtain crochet pattern

Beaded Curtain Crochet Pattern from gathered

Beaded elephant head crochet pattern

Beaded Elephant Head Crochet Pattern from gathered

Crochet blanket pattern

Colorful Crochet Blanket Pattern from gathered

Grey crochet basket pattern

Grey Crochet Basket Pattern from gathered

Picture frame crochet patterns

Picture Frame Crochet Patterns from gathered

Polar bear crochet stool

Polar Bear Crochet Stool from gathered

Pyramid cushion crochet pattern

Pyramid Cushion Crochet Pattern from gathered


Crochet Jute Rug with Round Shaped from gathered