How to Design Your Pantry to Get A Neat Look

Do you have a pantry in your house? As a room that was created to store all your kitchen needs, of course, there are many items that you must manage properly. This is very important because if it is not organized-well you will have difficulty finding what you are looking for and of course it will be messy. Sometimes, it makes you frustated. Therefore, you should think carefully with your pantry designs. Makesure that your pantry designs will make it easier for you and create a neat look.

How to design your pantry to get a neat look1

For a well-organized pantry, try a multi-tiered storage unit. The tiered shelves will hold spices and condiments, making them easy to reach. If you have a deep, narrow pantry, you may want to consider putting in pull-out shelves. This will save you time rummaging through the pantry. Another option is installing sliding cabinet organizers. These require precise measurements, but will help you organize your pantry in a neat way. You can use a lazy Susan to organize your pantry to save space and give it a neat look. Moreover, open wood shelving will help you to organize you pantry. Don’t forget to add some organizer ideas, such as baskets, trays, jars, and containers. Organize your pantry by category so that it makes food preparation easier. You can label each tier with the food it holds, too, so everyone knows where everything belongs. For more ideas, take a look at some images below.

Antique stores for wooden soda crates

Antique Stores for Wooden Soda Crates from goodhousekeeping

Blue paint kitchen pantry

Blue Paint Kitchen Pantry from goodhousekeeping

Cabinet pantry

Cabinet Wooden Pantry from goodhousekeeping

Cans and jars off the shelves

Cans and Jars Off the Shelves from goodhousekeeping

Chalkboard paint pantry door

Chalkboard Paint Pantry Door from goodhousekeeping

Door with pantry shelves

Door with Pantry Shelves from goodhousekeeping

Drinks categorized

Drinks Categorized Organization from goodhousekeeping

Frosted glass pantry

Frosted Glass Pantry from goodhousekeeping

Glass jars organization

Glass Jars Organization from goodhousekeeping

Hideaway pantry cabinet

Hideaway Pantry Organization from goodhousekeeping

Industrial wire shelves

Industrial Wire Shelves from goodhousekeeping

Jars organization

Jars Organization Ideas from goodhousekeeping

Label trash and recycling bins

Label Trash and Recycling Bins from goodhousekeeping

Labeled jars organization

Labeled Jars Organization from goodhousekeeping

Modern floating shelves

Modern Floating Shelves from goodhousekeeping

Pantry's label bottom drawer

Pantry’s Label Bottom Drawer from goodhousekeeping

Pullout pantry

Pull-Out Kitchen Pantry from goodhousekeeping

Pull-out wire shelves

Pull-Out Wire Shelves from goodhousekeeping

Rolling hampers

Rolling Hampers from goodhousekeeping

Sliding barn door

Sliding Barn Door Organization from goodhousekeeping

Storage bins with acrylic organizers

Storage Bins with Acrylic Organizers from goodhousekeeping

Tiered shelves

Tiered Shelves Pantry from goodhousekeeping

Vertical wall space pantry

Vertical Wall Space Pantry from goodhousekeeping

Wall mounted pantry organization

Wall Mounted Pantry Organization from goodhousekeeping

Built-in wall pantry

Built-in Wall Pantry from housebeautiful

Corner pull-out drawers

Corner Pull-Out Drawers from housebeautiful

Drawer bottle organizers

Drawer Bottle Organizers from housebeautiful

Flat plastic containers

Flat Plastic Containers from housebeautiful

Food jars packaging

Food Jars Packaging from housebeautiful

Hidden pull-out drawers

Hidden Pull-Out Drawers from housebeautiful

Iron rack pantry organization

Iron Rack Pantry Organization from housebeautiful

Labeled transparant jars

Labeled Transparant Jars from housebeautiful

Library ladder pantry

Library Ladder Pantry from housebeautiful

Modular shelving

Modular Pantry Shelving from housebeautiful

Multifunction door cabinet storage

Multifunction Door Cabinet Storage from housebeautiful

Pantry door organization

Pantry Door Organization from housebeautiful

Pegboard on a free wall

Pegboard On a Free Wall from housebeautiful

Repurpose crates

Repurpose Crates from housebeautiful

Separate with varied containers

Separate with Varied Containers from housebeautiful

Straw bins and baskets storage

Straw Bins and Baskets Storage from housebeautiful

Varying container sizes and shapes

Varying Container Sizes and Shapes from housebeautiful

Wall mounted pantry organization

Wall Mounted Pantry Organization from housebeautiful


Modern Style Pantry Organization from mydomaine


Labeled Straw Basket Storage from mydomaine


Corner Cabinet Pantry from mydomaine


L Shaped Wooden Pantry from mydomaine


Vertical Shaped Pantry from mydomaine


Transparant Glass Jar Pantry from mydomaine


Hanging Pantry on the Side Cabinet from mydomaine


Kitchen Seasoning Jar from mydomaine


Container Storage with Label from mydomaine

Candy store

Candy Storage Ideas from mydomaine

Pantry organization

Minimalist Pantry Organization from mydomaine


Neatly Organized Pantry from onekindesign


Tiered Pantry Organization from onekindesign


Close and Open Kitchen Pantry from onekindesign


Open Space Pantry Organization from onekindesign


Pantry Organization on the Door Cabinet from onekindesign


Wall Mounted Kitchen Pantry from onekindesign


Wire Basket with Glass Container from onekindesign