An auber-genius recipe🍆

There are so many ways to cook aubergine, eggplant, brinjal or whatever you call this purple fruit.
I’ve tried cooking it with minced pork Chinese style, in fish curry, grilled, stewed, fried (tempura style). But nothing beats this recipe which I’m going to show you now.
First, you need to peel off the skin and cut them into bunches of strips like this.
And after cutting, they should look like those cotton mops you find in the supermarket 😅
Then you soak them in water mixed with some salt for a few minutes. Then leave them to dry in a colander. If you’re in a hurry, then use some kitchen towels and pat them dry.
Now let’s get them ready for frying. Powder them up lightly in corn flour or plain flour. For me I like to mix both the flours.
Next dip them in the egg mixture. I have 6 bunches here, so I’m using 3 eggs.
Then I let them roll in some breadcrumbs.
Now let’s heat up the wok and get frying.
Fry them until it’s nice and brown. Once it has turned brown, remove and leave them on the cooling rack.
It’s crispy and yummy as it is. And it goes well with the salsa dip too.
Even my furry boy couldn’t get enough of it. Before I could say anything, he just jumped and snatched the piece right off my fingers. He forgets his good manners when it comes to yummy food. He’s such an auber-genius dog.