Absolutely perfect hard boiled eggs in Instant Pot each time you make them

Instant pot boiled eggs are reliable and quick to prepare, easy to peel eggs EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Why Instant pot boiled eggs are Best ?

It is ridiculously simple! It takes out all guesswork of making perfect hard-boiled eggs. There is no monitoring that eggs are boiling for the correct time . You don’t have to babysit the stove because a minute in cooking here and there can easily the texture of boiled eggs.

All you need to do is place the eggs and water into instant pot, set the time. And it well do the rest of the job. Return back to the kitchen after short time and your easy to peel Instant pot hard boiled eggs are waiting for you. That simple!

The best part is you get consistent results in terms of perfect boiled eggs Each time. Hands down this is the best way to make hard boil eggs, for real! Now Imagine there are so many egg recipes you make with them.

How long to boil eggs, how much time for soft boiled eggs, how to make perfect hard-boiled eggs each time. I have answered all these questions related to instant pot eggs. 

If you do not own an instant pot or electric pressure cooker, No worries at all. Here’s How to make hard boil eggs on stovetop.

Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs

Everyone has a preference for how they like their eggs for the breakfast. It is not always easy to get a perfectly boiled egg every day but I have got just the solution. What is perfectly cooked egg anyways. 

First let’s get that out of our way. It can vary depending on the individual. For example perfectly boiled egg for me is when white are set and yolk is almost 80% set. For my boy He loves boiled egg with a creamy custardy yolk and husband loves a fully cooked yolk and white. So for all of us perfectly boiled egg is different.

But one good news is all of this is possible. You can make soft boiled eggs, medium boiled eggs or hard boiled eggs in Instant pot! 

Can You Really Boil Eggs in IP or Pressure cooker?

Still a sceptic? I know widespread scepticism about boiling eggs in an instant pot exists. Let me tell you this Electric pressure cooker is actually a lifesaver in the kitchen. If standing for long hours in kitchen babysitting food while it is being cooked is not your thing, then you will love instant pot too.

I know I am hooked, and making everything I can think of in the instant pot. Let me show you how you can boil eggs perfectly in an instant pot.

I can assure you of one thing that peeling eggs boiled in Instant pot is comparatively easier to peel than any other method. Also, giving the boiled eggs an ice bath, and then peeling them is a good hack to peel the eggs easily.

You can misjudge the cooking time on a gas stove but never on an instant pot. There are some benefits of technology! How do you boil eggs? Do you prefer stovetop method or Instant Pot?

The timings for a hard boiled and soft boiled egg is obviously different in the instant pot. You can hard boil an egg in 5 minutes and for soft boiled it is 3 minutes. A few things you have to be careful of while using the instant pot are listed in my previous article on know all about an instant pot. What is an Instant Pot?  Things you must know before buying Instant Pot.

How long to Boil Eggs in Instant Pot

Perfect hard boiled egg time for me is 5 minutes. Actually it varies between 4-5 minutes. It is very easy to over-boil the eggs. I like the hard boiled eggs just cooked, when yolk is still creamy, and that takes exact 5 minutes in instant pot.

Once the cook time is over let the pressure release for 5 minutes and then check to force release any remaining pressure. After that open the lid of pressure cooker. 

If you boil it more than that there is grey ring formation around the yolk, which indicates overcooked and slightly dry yolk.

Some people suggest to release the pressure from the instant pot naturally. But I always release it just after 5 minutes of pressure cooking, and thats the perfect hard boiled egg time for me.

For soft boiled eggs, I cook them in medium pressure for 3 minutes.

How Many Eggs can You boil in the Instant Pot

You can boil as many as a dozen eggs in an Instant pot. I have Instant pot DUO and I can easily boil 6-8 eggs in one go. And If I place multi rack then easily 12-14 eggs can be boiled. 

How to Hard Boil Eggs

To make hard boiled eggs in Instant pot, you need to follow these simple steps.

Ingredients required – 6-12 Eggs, 1cup Water 

Preparation – Place the rack in the bottom of IP. Pour in the water and place the eggs in a single layer. Ensure that eggs have enough space between each other for even cooking. Now cover and seal the lid.

Pressure cooking After closing the lid, set IP on manual mode (high pressure) and 5 minutes for hard boiled eggs. Wait for natural release for 5 more minutes. After that quick release and open the lid after releasing the steam.

For making soft boiled eggs in IP, cooking time is 3 Minutes pressure cook on high and then quick release of steam.

For Medium Boiled eggs in Instant Pot, cooking time is 3 Minutes pressure cook on high, natural release for 3 minutes and then quick release of steam.

Ice Bath – Transfer the boiled eggs to a pot full of iced water and let them cool for few minutes for easy peeling eggs.

5 minutes and then you are ready to peel them and enjoy them as it is or make few boiled egg recipes that I have mentioned in the end of this post.

Notes and Tips for Making Perfect boiled eggs 

*Important point – I made these hard boiled eggs in Instant pot DUO and being a smaller in size you can boil 6-8 eggs in Instant pot DUO.

*To help prevent eggs from cracking while boiling in instant pot, bring them to room temperature before cooking.

If you often wonder why a grey ring is formed around the egg yolk of a boiled egg. It happens due to over boiling. Solution for this is boiling the egg for right time. It will prevent that grey circle around yolk. 

Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs Time

Safety Tips for cooking eggs in Instant Pot

Always check that pressure is fully released before opening the lid. Because the steam is very hot and may cause burns.
Use a kitchen towel to open the lid of the instant pot after the eggs are boiled.
Be very careful not to hover your hands around the pressure vent when you manually release the pressure.
Use a wooden spoon to release the vent manually, do not touch with bare hands, it is hot.
You can even place the eggs on a steamer basket. keep the rack below the basket. It will help you to take all the eggs out at once.
Use tongs to remove the hot boiled eggs.

Ways to Use Hard Boiled Eggs

Boiled eggs are a daily dose of protein and energy in our day to day meals. There are various ways you can use hard boiled eggs. You can make various boiled eggs recipes including egg curry, egg salad, Boiled egg sandwich etc.  Also you can read 5 Things you can do with Boiled eggs.

Simple Punjabi Egg curry, Masala Egg curry, Thin broth like Punjabi Tari wali Curry Kolhapuri egg curry recipe, Kerala Mutta roast, Kerala egg curry, Sri Lankan coconut egg Egg curry, Bengali Egg curry, Mumbai egg curry, egg keema ghotala. There is a long list of egg curry recipes that you can make with these hard boiled eggs.

How Long You can Store Hard boiled eggs

A hard-boiled egg can be stored in the refrigerator 3-5 days. I do not advice to freeze boiled eggs.

However before storing eggs in the refrigerator it is better to peel them first. Place the peeled eggs in an Airtight container and store in the fridge.

How to make perfect eggs in Instant Pot – Video


How to make Instant pot boiled eggs

Instant pot boiled eggs are reliable and quick to prepare, easy to peel eggs EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Course Breakfast

Cuisine American

Cook Time 20 minutes

Servings 6

Calories 94kcal

Author Rekha Kakkar


9 Eggs

1 cup water

Iced water


In an instant pot, place the steel steaming rack and pour 1cup water in it.

Place the eggs carefully, close the lid and seal the pressure vent.

Set the instant pot on manual and high pressure for 5 minutes. You can use pressure cook setting.

After 5 minutes manually when timer beeps, allow the steam to release naturally for 5 minutes and then shift the pressure vent to release position.

when the pressure is released, open the lid with the help of a kitchen towel.

Take the hard boiled eggs one by one with the help of tongs.

Place them in a bowl of iced water for 5 minutes.

Now take each one of them and gently roll them on the chopping board or any hard surface and then peel them.

Cut them into two halves and use these hard-boiled eggs in your choice of dish.



*Important point – I made these hard boiled eggs in Instant pot DUO and being a smaller in size you can boil 6-8 eggs in Instant pot DUO.
*Read Safety Instructions while using Instant pot for boiling eggs. And the tips I have mentioned in the post above.


Calories: 94kcal | Carbohydrates: 1g | Protein: 8g | Fat: 6g | Saturated Fat: 2g | Cholesterol: 246mg | Sodium: 96mg | Potassium: 91mg | Sugar: 1g | Vitamin A: 356IU | Calcium: 37mg | Iron: 1mg

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