15 Fascinating Shelf Decorations this Winter

During the winter, you should definitely make sure your home is filled with the scents and beauty of the winter season. If you are looking for ways to spice up your decor this winter, then consider adding some fascinating shelf decorations. In this case, adding the right seasonal accents is an easy way to jazz up your shelves. Not only will they be a good complement to your current style, but they can also add a little fun to your living space. Anyway, you can decorate your shelves with some winter ornaments. For example, you can put reindeers, wooden house ornaments, snowmens, pine trees, and more. Your shelf also possible to be decorated with natural decoration. An evergreen garland, wreath, pinecones, and dried flowers can be a great option. To add more attractive look, adding hanging ornaments is great to do. You can hang a snowflake, star, and an interesting garland. Another way, ice skates and skis are great additions to your winter shelf decoration. Are you interested with these ideas? If so, please go down and find more ideas for your shelf.

15 fascinating shelf decorations this winter1

Winter Mountain Coat Rack


Try making this different decoration by choosing a coat rack mountain that is complemented by a winter touch to the decoration. Complete the look with pinecone and birch wood ornaments placed inside this shelf which will look stunning. Don’t forget to complete the hooks at the bottom of this shelf to make it easier for you to store various coats and hats easily when you are at the entrance of this house. Choosing this idea is simple and will give you a different look every year. Winter Mountan Coat Rack from @cedarandcraftco

Winter Shelf


A simple storage idea for this year’s winter decor is to use open storage shelves. You can apply some winter ornaments in the form of snowmen and white houses that are placed on this shelf for an interesting design. Besides that, adding green plants in large pots placed on a shelf will also be a beautiful and stylish home decoration. Using this weathered wood shelving will also give you a natural look and a different design this winter. Winter Shelf from @drakesnest

Faux Christmas Tree


Besides being able to store equipment, this type of shelf is easy to find and use to show off your winter ornaments. If you want your winter decorations to look festive, you can complement them with eye-catching winter ornaments. Adding a ceramic fake Christmas tree that is placed on each shelf makes it the perfect home decoration to celebrate this year’s winter. Faux Chiristmas Tree from @homesweethorton

Plaid Accent


This vintage-style open shelving provides a unique room design for you to try. Complete with a plaid finish, this fake Christmas tree will stand out. Complementing the decor with wooden ornaments in the form of snowmen, plates and green plants in potgalvanized will give a beautiful and stylish design. These make lovely shelf decorations and will be entertaining this winter. Plaid Accent from @angie.diy.mama

Neutral Winter Shelf


On this kitchen open shelf you can complete it with winter ornaments to enliven this year’s winter. Using a touch of wood will also give a natural look and attractive room decoration. This white fake Christmas tree brings winter this year and will make this open shelf display even prettier. The white color scheme on this wall will also make the room design beautiful Neutral Winter Wreath from @rockrosehome

Red and Green Ornament


Don’t forget to decorate this open shelf with a touch of red and green for a striking shelf decoration. On this shelf you can complete it with some winter ornaments to make it look beautiful. This added Santa Claus will also give this open shelf decor a good vibe. Using this wooden shelf will give a natural touch and will look more sturdy. Red and Green Ornament from @unknitandtiedtogether

Winter Shelf Styling


This cube open shelf comes with some winter ornaments that will cheer up this year’s winter season. This idea is easy for you to try because it doesn’t cost much and will increase your creativity. Some winter ornaments in the form of snowflake accents, white houses and green plants in terracotta flowers are able to seduce the eye and will give a different design. This wood framed sign and wooden beaded wreath placed on a shelf will make your home look beautiful. Winter Shelf Styling from @tablefor5please

Pinecone Accent


This open shelving decor is complemented by winter ornaments that will give your home a beautiful and stylish look. Pinecone accents placed on this open shelf will steal the show and make a lovely home décor. Making it yourself won’t cost you a fortune and will increase your creativity. Simply collect pinecones from the backyard or buy them cheap for the perfect space design. Apart from pinecones, you can also complement it with a wreath of grape vines and pine needles for maximum design. Pinecone Accent from @thewillowwindow

Brush Bottle Tree Garland and Wreath


This open shelving is complemented by a bouquet of sisal trees that will make a unique room decoration that will catch the eye of many. Hanging on this open shelf will greet your guests with a cheery feeling. This is a simple template that you can try as it will radiate winter vibes throughout the room. This small green leaf wreath placed under a shelf is able to give a sophisticated look to any room. Brush Bottle Tree Garland and Wreath from @melstimelesscharm

Evergreen Garland


This green garland and string lights will create a winter outdoor shelving decor with a unique rustic style. These decorations will create a unique and eye-catching rustic winter decoration. Placing these on an open shelf in the laundry room will greet your winter with a cheery and inviting feel. This handmade wooden deer statue will give your home a unique and charming design. Evergreen Garland from @myillinoishome

Brush Bottle and Snowy Pinecones


A small brush bottle tree that serves to decorate open shelves will greet your guests with a cheery winter vibe. Also, you can complete the decor with snowy pinecones and wooden bowls to celebrate your winter day. This decoration will attract the attention of many people and give a unique design. Placing this shelf against one of the walls of your home will give your home a different look and decor with a unique winter splendor. Brush Bottle and Snowy Pinecones from @itscuterwithwords

Gingger Bread Garland


This gingerbread wreath design would make a great addition to the perfect winter shelf decor. Hanging on this shelf will make the room decoration unique and attract the attention of many people. Apart from the ginger man garland, you can also complete it with a Santa statue and a framed nameplate to complete the look of the shelf so it doesn’t look boring. This is a simple idea that you can try because it has the perfect winter look. Gingger Bread Garland from @bettys_interiors

Winter Mountain Shelf


This mountain-shaped open shelving with a winter theme will make your home look beautiful and stylish. Making your own will save your budget and will make your winter decorations much more lively and charming. Don’t forget to complete the wreath, pinecone and string lights decorations to make the shelf decoration look prettier and stylish. This unique shape is able to steal the eye and has a stylish design. Winter Mountain Shelf from @cedarandcraftco

Small Pine Tree


This small pine tree design placed on open shelves will make a unique shelf decoration and give your home a fresh look. Apart from small pine trees, you can also complete it with a bouquet of green leaves which are hung on an open shelf which gives an attractive appearance and a different design. Woven baskets placed on top of this shelf will also give a perfect natural touch. Small Pine Tree from @myfauxcottage

Rustic Winter Shelf Decor


Your open shelf is also possible to be decorated with a lot of winter ornaments. It aims to strengthen the winter vibes in your home. If you like a rustic vibe, you can use winter ornaments from old items and contain wood elements. In this case, you can put wooden deer statue and wooden house on your shelf. The branch wreath can add natural winter theme in your home. To complete the quirky and eye-catching decor, you can add ski boots and pinecones. A snowflake and wood slice ornament will give your home a charming winter open shelving decor. Furthermore, a dried flower will complete your shelf decoration. Rustic Winter Shelf Decor from @atelier_bubatko

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